Why Permission Slips

Hello and welcome!

The idea behind these Permission Slips is literally for you to feel you have permission–that you’re allowed–to take the best care of yourself.
Sometimes it might be in unconventional ways, or in ways you know you wished you could but you don’t. It’s alright, you have permission.

Because you choose your life, the buck stops with you, and you’re your own best friend. And several other cliches that are actually true.

Since I’ve spent plenty of time as a Room Mother and Team Mom, and even owned a fitness studio for enough years to know my way around a Waiver of Iiability :-D,
I am happy to provide you with these over the course of a year:

52 Permission Slips

We’re going for that number so you can work on evolving, easy does it, a week at at time. That gives you manageable bits to feel, do and get better with.

Without a big fuss about it. We don’t want to create a lot more work for you. Enough with more work.


Can we just all agree that things could be a smidge simpler and more fun? Less coded, and not for monks?

And they also don’t have to cost $1000 a day to be worth it.
And we don’t have to hack anything on fire to the Ninja Zen gods of accountability. 4.1. ify.

The idea is for you to free up your time, mind, even money, so you can allocate to what is most important and rewarding for you throughout the next year.
This will bring you a sense of calm, which will help you live authentically happy.

How do I know all this?

I learned it over the six years my mom was fighting persistent ovarian cancer. In early 2014, she died too soon, and basically against her will.
Seems we don’t really get much choice in these matters in the end–we have a number of days here on this plane, and it all comes down to how we spend them.

What I witnessed was that, despite her suffering, my mom’s last years and days were increasingly better in the most important ways.

Her last words to me were

I just need to calm down.

We were able to help her do that in hospice. I promised myself and the universe that I would share that story with as many people as I could for the rest of my life.
And that I would apply that lesson to my own days from that point on, as best as I could.

I, too, just need to calm down. I believe we all do. Even you millennials. Especially you millennials.
It frees us up. Enables us to live happy. (And sure, I’m thinking eventually go in peace…)
So this is about how I have been learning to do that. In the material world.

Please enjoy, and if you are so moved, please share 52 Permission Slips with anyone who can benefit!

It’s alright, you can do it.

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Click Here to get started. I know your life experience will be changed along the way! I’m always learning, and the best lesson so far has been to grant myself permission to try.

More about me:

52 permission slips faith at workMy name is Faith Watson.

I am a copywriter, fitness trainer, entrepreneur/blogger, mom & wife, and a bunch of other personalities. I mean professions.

Mostly you can find me working online at pen to Zen.
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