What Do We Need Permission For?

own your truth 52 permission slips

After sending out the first six months or so of Permission Slips in 2015, I gathered some interesting stats on how you all are responding to the freedoms granted for enjoying your human condition.

The permissions that instantly resonated with the most readers so far:

1. Permission to Own Your Truth–Stop Apologizing for Realty
2. Permission to Have Less Stuff–Even Less Than Your Friends
3. Permission to Be Complex–Stay Thirsty My Friends
4. Permission to Show Your Stuff–Let the World See Your Gifts

That tells me that a lot of us want to feel allowed to be who we are, in all our glory, even if that means we aren’t as affluent, or as, simple as the world seems to want us to be.

The permissions that have prompted the most “thank you” emails to me so far:

1. Permission to Change Your Mind–Go With a New Perspective
2. Permission to Own Your Truth–Stop Apologizing for Reality
3. Permission to Have Nice Things–Welcome Quality in Life
4. Permission to Let It Go–When You Can’t Change It or Accept It

That tells me that our readers are as different as they are alike–how awesome is that. So many of us looking to grant ourselves permission for a variety of reasons, but all reasons so very human. Not feeling confident enough. Feeling bogged down. Tired of judgments. Wanting to be okay with who they are, what they have, how they think. Yes…Own Your Truth!

Finally, the types of Permission Slips that are getting the least opens or visits on the site, are the ones about financial topics and scheduling. And yet these are “hot button” topics for some of our 52PS friends, who really need to feel better about how they manage their time or money.

The right “weight” of the topic areas we focus on will be important for me to figure out, so I can keep sending the most meaningful permissions to help the most people calm down, free up and live happy.

Every Permission Slip is posted here for anyone to benefit from at any time.

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The idea is that we focus on feeling better from the inside out, bit by bit, without a hassle or another app or webinar or a membership. Just your awareness and my encouragement and understanding.

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