We need something beautiful.

A few years ago I heard a song by a small band out of Pennsylvania, and this one lyric stuck with me: we need something beautiful.

When we are riddled with doubt. When we are tired, overwhelmed, hurt, lost. When it’s all business. When it’s all lessons, trying, and hard work:

When we are empty, as much as when we are full–we need something beautiful. Something that shifts our view to what we want to see.

So when you’re feeling stuck, I hope you go around and look for beauty. And wouldn’t you know it, that band’s name is The GoAround. (life never ceases to amaze…)

Open your eyes. Wide.

I have absolutely no relationship to this band, except as I was writing this today I did a little research and found their song again on You Tube.
The magic of Google helped me find them through an approximate lyric or two.

I clicked on a video that plays the song and with the lyrics on the screen. I’m happy to share it, because this week I’m working on granting myself permission to rise up and give myself a higher view.
So I won’t be bogged down in fears, worries, obstacles or complaints. And this song is a love song. What better way to get unstuck than to move toward love?

When you need to find a way to go around, I hope you will open your eyes. Wide. (like the song says)

I give you The GoAround.There’s also a nice live video of this on You Tube, while you’re there.