watch tv 52 permission slips

Watch TV: Waste Time and Be Entertained

You are hereby granted permission to

Watch TV

You can grab some passive entertainment in the form of television, without feeling bad about wasting time–laugh, learn, fall asleep…it’s okay.

With its mindless drivel, biased opinions, bad news, and shallow views of what is surely not reality…well, we’ve made TV the bad guy, haven’t we? It seems the ruin of society is on full flat-screen display.

And yet, it sure is popular. Cable and satellite offer packages with hundreds of channels. Premium programming costs extra for those who like a true detective story or a peek inside the mind of a mass murderer, sex expert, or mafia boss.

From Sunday morning church services and political debates, to 24-hour broadcasts during global crises or The Olympic games, to bi-lingual education for our toddlers and musical entertainment for our babies. few (if any) pastimes have become as ubiquitous and expected as the watching of television.

Sure, there are the pitfalls and drawbacks.
Yes, it can be lame.
Yes, it can be repetitive, sophomoric, and at times, depressing.
Yes, it can take the place of actually interacting with others in the room.
And yes, it can be the kind of passive activity that leads people to lives as “couch potatoes.”

But it doesn’t have to be. Like anything, there is potential to use TV for good, not evil.
Yes, it can be silly. Why be so serious all the time?
Yes, you can get hooked on drama and competition. Better on TV than in real life.
Yes, it can become a group event. Which singer should win fame and glory spawns healthy debate.

And yes, it might be that television is, in some ways, as architect Frank Lloyd Wright described it: “chewing gum for the eyes.”
But, do you really have to be thrashing at bones and chewing crunchy stuff all the time? No. You don’t. You have permission to chew gum.
While watching a Frank Lloyd Wright bungalow be renovated on your favorite home and garden channel.

You’re allowed to take a load of your feet and your mind, and indulge in a bit of television, if it is a pastime that honestly brings you enjoyment, education, inspiration…or whatever.

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Photo by Pawel Kadysz