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Walk Away: Stop When It’s Not Working

You are hereby granted permission to

Walk Away

When something isn’t working, you can stop–to reassess, or to admit it’s more trouble than its worth. You can choose your ends and exits.

When we work so hard on something, or when we so badly want something to happen, it sure can be hard to say, “It’s a bust…not what I intended.” It might be that you envisioned it to be easier, shorter, smaller or faster. You planned it one way, but it turned out another.
It might be that it’s not fun anymore.

If you have commitments, and others are depending on you to do what you said you were going to do, it’s possible that you should hang in there, and tough it out, in order to deliver on your promises or work together to solve your problems. This isn’t that.

This is about recognizing that you’re not always going to pick the right project, tool, path, partner, or environment. Sometimes you are not the right answer to solve a problem, or complete a task. So you might try too hard to make something happen, and it might be at a great cost to your well-being or peace of mind.

You’re allowed to walk away, then. You’ve done your best. You’ve experimented, learned, worked hard, been patient. If it’s not working, you can own your truth, and let it go.

But, but… isn’t that quitting? If we stop, aren’t we losers…failures, even?

NO! You’re not a loser because you have mercy on yourself. After all, someone has to watch out for you when you’re stuck in a losing battle.

And walking away doesn’t mean rolling over or lying down. We presume you will still be growing and trying.
An exit from your effort will free that effort for use elsewhere.

If you can’t make something work the way you intended, after your own solid effort, and if you’re not devastated at the idea of being without it, then you have permission to stop, and chalk it up to experience.

Walk away… and walk toward love. On to the next adventure!

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