When waiting for a better time is best.

In the era of productivity hacks, habit changing apps, and so on, how can we get comfortable with an idea like “do it later?”

Plenty of advisors assume if you’re waiting, you’re putting it off. Do you wonder, if you don’t do it now, or soon, does that mean you’re (the horror) procrastinating?

Heck no. Scheduling something for a better time is okay, when it’s a thoughtful, conscious decision. Usually, that’s when waiting for a better time is best.

When you save something for later, it doesn’t mean you’re giving it up. “Putting it off” usually means you don’t want to. And that’s okay too. Let’s be honest.

It’s Your Truth and It’s Not So Bad

  • When you’re full after a nice meal, are you procrastinating if you save your dessert for later?
  • When you tour a museum and decide to return another day instead of rush through at closing, are you procrastinating?
  • When you’ve run a marathon, what if you don’t run another one until next year? Is that putting it off?

No, no and no. Don’t be silly.

Those kinds of everyday life decisions, which can be part of real, rewarding lifestyle choices (diet & nutrition, entertainment & culture, health & fitness) can and should be made thoughtfully.

In all these cases you’re not only allowed to do it later, it’s likely in your best interest to wait for a better time.

Then again, you don’t want to delay things for no good reason… so have a good reason.

When is a better time the best time?

This depends on what you’re deliberating and how honest you are being.

Let’s face it, there may be NO better time to pay your bills, get your health checked, start your new business or call your mother.
You have to decide if it’s in your best interest to save your undone to-dos.

You can find a map to your priorities in the truthful answers to these questions:

1. What do you want?
2. How bad do you want it?
3. How does it make you feel? (especially about yourself)


Try it on your decision list from up above:

  • Dessert after a nice meal? You want it. But you’re full, so it feels bad to eat it now. You can eat it later.
  • Museum about to close? You can’t view what you want in a hurry, but you’ll regret missing it. Come back. You want to see it, bad.
  • Running a big race? Do you love that? How is it working for your body, lifestyle, etc.? You run, or don’t, accordingly.
Hearts lead. Actions follow. That’s one happy way to manage our choices.

Since we need to create time for everything we do, the same permission always applies. The choice is yours: do it now or do it later.
That is, if you really are going to do it.

It is said we can’t do everything, but we can do anything… as long as we make the time.

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