Use Your Gifts: Make the Most of Talents and Luck

You are hereby granted permission to

Use Your Gifts

You can be honest about your natural talents, your quirks, and the luck you’ve created, so you can use all your strengths without reserve.

It is said we are all born into this world with gifts, and what we do with them is our gift back to the world. It’s hard to argue with that. Who has ever known anyone who wasn’t born with potential, and at least few special traits or privileges?
Our human gifts can be found in our abilities, our personalities, what we inherit through our DNA, or even in our family estates.

If you have something to give–and you do–you might not have the right idea about how to make the most of it.

Sometimes we’re taught our talents aren’t important enough to develop or great enough to share. Sometimes we learn to keep our blessings to ourselves, in the name of manners or humility. And sometimes we get the idea that it’s unwise to share what we have, since we don’t have very much in the first place. Every man for himself.

None of that is quite right.

Period. What good is a gift if you don’t use it, enjoy it, or respect it?

You have permission to develop any aspect of yourself and share it with others if you wish. Whether it’s your arty side, your bookish brains, a nutty sense of humor or a splendid sense of style. You have what you’re good at, and for all of us that don’t, please: grow your skills, hone your talents, use your gifts. Enrich our lives.

You have permission to discuss and display your blessings, too. No need to dumb yourself down, or ugly yourself up, or pretend to be poor when you’re not. Accept a compliment. It shows you appreciate your gifts, and are grateful to use them.

You have permission to feel abundant and able to give, instead of hanging on to feelings of lack. You can live a charitable existence without worrying it will diminish your own holdings. If you skip a pizza to donate a pair of shoes, or drive someone to work without collecting for gas, or contribute a whole paycheck to a cause you are passionate about…. how can it be that you have less than you need?

You can recognize all that you’ve earned, all you’ve been given, and all that you’ve stumbled into, for all that it’s worth. And know that it is worth as much as you enjoy it, as much as you respect it, and as much as you are willing to bring it to this day.

This day cannot exist without you in it.

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