Why Throwing in the Towel Isn’t a Bad Thing

When we hear a catchphrase enough times, we might associate emotions with it. A lot of old adages can be pretty negative.

Like “throwing in the towel” — it represents giving up. And giving up usually strikes us as not being able to succeed.

At first, it was for coaches or teammates to signal that they surrender the fight: the towel was thrown into the ring.

So it also means quitting before you’re so damaged that you can’t fully recover. It signifies a rescue. Saving yourself is good, no?

Are You Staying in the Ring for the Wrong Reasons?

Because most of us aren’t boxers, we don’t have an entourage of people watching out for us, identifying when we’ve gone past the point of potential reward outweighing the damage being done to us.

And, we’re mostly doing damage to ourselves, when it comes to staying in situations where we can’t imagine a possible solution, or envision an ending, or figure out a way to endure.

When you want OUT are you the type to stay in, at all costs dammit, to figure it out or fix it or make it work?

Key phrase for you, if you are: “at all costs.” Too many costs are incurred if you stay in the ring for the wrong reasons. Especially when you make up your own reasons:

  • Because you never give up no matter what
  • Because you will be embarrassed if you don’t win/finish
  • Because someone else you know did this, so you can too
  • Because you need to prove you’re the best. Even if it kills you.

And so on.

This is a time for you to teach yourself how to weigh costs vs. benefits. How to value you’re own time, health, peace of mind … just as if you had an entrourage in the ring with you. Someone (that is you) needs to know when it’s not worth it anymore.

You need to know when you won’t get back enough to offset what you put in and suffered through.

You have permission to watch out for yourself and throw in that towel before whatever it is you’re trying to get through, gets the better of you.

Because YOU need the best of yourself, and so do all those you love and serve.

It’s not giving up to rescue yourself.

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