The pace of your lifestyle is up to you.

Most of us have felt a pressure to hurry, to fit more in. If you don’t like that, let’s look closer at what more you can do.

The real key is: define “more.” We can focus on quantity, or quality. And, we have to ask, get more done by when? For what?

Because you have choices to make with your time. The pace of your lifestyle is up to you. You need priorities, and wiggle room.

Life presents enough expectations, limitations and challenges. So let’s not turn life’s best parts into stressors.

Redefining “more” in getting more done:

  • When chatting with an associate you’d like to know better … does it seem like you’re always cutting it short?
  • When planning a date with a old friend to catch up … does it feel like you need to cram it in your schedule?
  • Worse–when you hear mommy can I cook with you? or dad you wanna play ball?: Cat’s in the Cradle — noooo!

I repeat, No.

What is of value to you? That is where you find your “more.” And it’s not more to get done, but more to get out of, each day.

These are the things you might tend to put off, rush through, give less attention to, or assume you have little time for… but would totally fit in, if you knew it was nearing the end.

That’s right, I pulled the “what if you didn’t have much time left?” card.

It’s a good way to see what more you should be doing with your time while you still have it.

More Important Things to Fit In

  • Learning about fascinating things
  • Seeing beautiful sights
  • Laughing, joking and sharing old stories
  • Thoughtful, deep conversations
  • Sharing with and helping others
  • Spending time in nature
  • Inspiring others with your gifts
  • Enjoying a good meal, film, book, concert
  • Creating memories for those you touch
  • Physical care: hugs & kisses, massage
  • Meditation, prayer or matters of spirit
  • Practicing loving kindness

In our lives, we may only be able to purchase a certain amount, experience a certain amount, even eat a certain amount, depending on our circumstances…

…and all of us only live a certain amount of days.

We don’t know how many days that will be.

We do know that each day from now on gives us the chance take our time and slow down important tasks.

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