Take Your Time: Slow Down Important Tasks

You are hereby granted permission to:

Take Your Time

You can slow down and allow yourself to focus on what matters most to you–the idea that “life is short” isn’t a reason to rush through it, it’s a reason to savor it.

Is it natural to hurry up and do important things? Or do we just assume that?
Think about it this way: urgent tasks aren’t the same as important ones.

We know we shouldn’t ignore urgent tasks when they pop up if they are essential to our health or safety. But we also need to remember that we choose how we’re spending our time–and not only do we choose in advance, like planning an itinerary, we also choose on the spot.

You choose when you get your most important things done in each day. You choose how much time you devote to doing unimportant things, too. And best of all, you choose which things are important or unimportant to you.

Now here’s where “permission” comes in. You can revise the actual and the imagined time frames for all you do. You can trust that you know when it’s best to slow down.

When you find yourself pushing to get something done, you’re allowed to double check yourself: are your rushing because it’s a real priority? Or are you compelled to fit another thing onto your list of things you “should” have done by now?

You can take your time to focus on what matters to you. You’ve cleared a path; no need to rush past hidden gems or new inspirations just to get where you’re going.

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