Take A Break: Back Off, Breathe, Flow & Grow

You are hereby granted permission to

Take A Break

You can back off from your weary place–your whirlwind or fog; your tiredness and workload–and take time to breathe (literally), reassess, and (gasp!) rest.

As you personally develop, organize, form and break habits, manage your time and your emotions, create your future, redesign your lifestyle… you might want to “give in” to the very real need for space.

A pause. Some quiet review. Some goofing off. Whatever.

If you have not taken a real break this year, this month, this week, and TODAY, it is time.

We often think we are stopping a flow or slowing our growth when we move away from a constant forward direction. But that is SO not necessarily true!

You have permission to allow for expansion to happen naturally, from the inside out. When you back off from what you’re always doing, for a few moments or a few days (whatever you need), you will actually be feeding growth. Allowing flow: which brings abundance.

You will see so much more if you will stop rushing by and through.

You can take a break, and know that your road will be there for you, right where you left it. When you hop back on, you’ll have a full tank and a better feel for your map.

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Calm down, free up & live happy. It’s alright. You can do it.