You don’t need a system to manage your time.

Maybe you need tools to help you manage your time. But have you ever found that using tools can require more of the time you feel you’re running short on?

There are also general approaches to time management and productivity, which offer you techniques (for using tools?)… More time, getting those going.

When you give yourself permission to Clear a Path in your own life for doing what is most important to you each day, you don’t need a system to manage your time.

You just need you, to create a realistic, caring schedule for yourself. Plus whatever way you like to keep track of your dates, plans and appointments. Who knew?

To create a doable, rewarding schedule:

  • recognize your priorities
  • set your intentions to focus on them (up to 3 per day, if you’re human)
  • understand (admit) how much time and energy your tasks take

That’s it!

I have used dozens of different ways of organizing my time. I am addicted to list-making, scheduling books and sticky notes.

I’m never done.

How I track my time isn’t what’s important. What matters is how I live my time.

Some things are always in progress, other things are often put off. So many things! It’s hard to focus, or to take a break. That leads to stress.

Life lesson:

If I am never done, why do I think I will be? It’s causing me to feel behind time, overwhelmed or unsuccessful.

But I’m not those things. I simply have a big, full, loving life (and brain and heart). It’s easy to be overscheduled.


What you don’t finish and thus continue to carry over has power over you mentally and physically.

Clear it from your list and life, and you will be instantly renewed.
Or accept it as a work in progress and give it due time according to how much you value it.

Again: that’s it!

That’s why you don’t need to read another book, learn a special system, or download a new tool to create a doable, realistic schedule you feel good about–

You already know what you should and should not, can and cannot, make time for.
It’s written all over your days and you feel it in your heart.

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