Step Off Track 52 Permission Slips

Step Off Track: Go Around the Pitfalls

You are hereby granted permission to

Step Off Track

When you don’t stick to the perfect path you laid out for yourself, what do you do? You can alter your route to help yourself get through in one piece.

Not every trip from here to there is a straight line. And most of us face times when we can’t “toe the line” either. So…. well, so what?

  • So you had to push back a deadline.
  • So you forgot to defrost the dinner.
  • So you waited to long and missed the sale.
  • So you got caught up in your novel.
  • So you couldn’t make the meeting.
  • So you ate chocolate after you gave it up.

So you stepped off track. As the old saying goes, $*it happens.

I’m reminded that my mom used to say how things “went to pot.” The meatloaf that burned went to pot; her mood after an argument went pot; the plot line of a TV show or movie (when she didn’t like it) went to pot.

Pot, in this case, is a slang for toilet. I think. It makes perfect sense. Some things go awry and it’s like the results could go right into the toilet.

That’s what can happen for us, when we step off track. Hopefully, it’s not big things–let’s try to stay on track with avoiding serious health risks and dangerous behavior, okay? But otherwise, stepping off track is probably not as big of a deal as we assume.

Look at that list up above. It may not be easy to reschedule, or pay more, or apologize, but mostly, that’s about all that will need to happen. We run into pitfalls then work around them.

You’re allowed to make mistakes, and own your truth. You can step off track, and afterward, it will be like whatever it was went to pot, and you can flush it away. You have permission to step off track.

Because you can just step back on.

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