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Start Over: Who Says You Can’t Go Back?

You are hereby granted permission to

Start Over

Don’t believe the bit about how you can’t go back–not only can you choose to begin again, it can be the wisest choice you ever make.

Sometimes there is an exact moment you can pinpoint, by the way it feels, when it dawns on you: you’re not at all where you meant to be.
You took a wrong turn, made a bad move, went way too far…whatever.
It’s the moment your stomach sinks. It comes after you pull out your hair, freeze in panic, or lose your temper.
It’s the moment that comes right before “oh…shit…”

Now what? What’s your next move?

There are so many reasons to resist heading all the way back to the beginning after an investment of time, money, energy or reputation:

Who wants to accept they wasted their effort?
Who wants to give up their amazing idea or their excellent logic?
Who wants to tuck their tail between their legs, hang their head, admit defeat?

Nobody. Certainly not you, because you are always learning, and trying to improve. So, what is the answer to “now what?”

You have permission to return to square one. You can have a do-over. If you’ve realized you’re lost, you can get directions home.

You might assume that starting over signals waste and defeat, but actually, it’s winning.
It signals that you are in control and making a conscious decision.

Your not stranded on the field without a refuge. It’s your choice to turn around, wipe the slate clean, refuel, and head out again when you’re ready, to wherever you’re going this time.

Of course you’re allowed to go back. We want you back–but please bring your experiences back with you, so we can all grow and learn from how you own your truth.

So we can all love your humanness, which reminds us of our own.

You can start over, and this time, you can make it just the way you want.

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