Simple Doesn’t Mean It’s Easy

We try to make things easier on ourselves, or at least we should, if we’re operating at a peak human condition level for our species.

We’re built to evolve out of harder into smarter, out of waste into worth it. We were made to navigate, experiment, choose, learn.

How much less do we have to hunt if we farm, and if we farm what grows in our soil, and if it won’t grow where can we find water?

But surviving is not the same as living a full life. It’s easy to think we simply need to evolve, but it is not a very easy thing to do, when you’re human like us.

Wine: simple. Fermented fruit juice. Ever tried having a vineyard? Ever tried explaining why a bottle of wine costs thousands of dollars? Wine does not need to be complex to be wonderful and enjoyed, but the only easy way to a glass of wine is to let someone else do the hard stuff, so all you have to do is open the bottle and pour.

A loaf of bread: simple. Ever looked at yeast, eating, under a microscope? Ever grow your grain, grind your grain, knead your bread, rise your bread, rise it again, and bake it to perfection with a crisp or chewy crust and a soft yet solid inside? Whomever figured out the temperature of the water and oven, thank you. That was not easy.

You: allowed to be complex, because the process of being you isn’t easy.

You also: allowed to be simple, because you grow and develop with time.

Simple isn’t easy. Complex isn’t wrong. And with results like you, wine and bread… well, permission to eat, drink and be merry.
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