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Show Your Stuff: Let the World See Your Gifts

You are hereby granted permission to

Show Your Stuff

You can stop confusing humility with hiding and let the world see your gifts–there is no need to dampen or deny the many things you’ve been blessed with.

If you ever felt turned off when someone displayed a sense of entitlement, you might have been reacting to what seems like an air of superiority.
When that happens, is it the other person who thinks they’re superior to you?

Or is it you who has decided they must be feeling that way, because they seem to think they deserve the best?

When it comes to a sense of entitlement, many of us need permission. Because somewhere deep down inside, we don’t feel worthy. Probably, we’re turned off by the notion of “entitled.”  Or we’re prone to judge who deserves what… including ourselves.

Let’s challenge ourselves to look closer at what it is we don’t approve of, when someone shows their stuff:

  • They might like having things go their way.
  • They might openly enjoy whatever they’re doing.
  • They might display nice things–their car, their home, their clothes.
  • They might talk about how well everything is going–their family, job, school, etc.

So far, none of that is so rude, is it? Aren’t we all entitled to any of that?
What might be at work with some people, though, is lack of balance:

  • We might feel they won’t give, and are too demanding.
  • We might feel they aren’t facing the facts about tough times and losses.
  • We might feel they are too materialistic since they care about their nice things.
  • We might feel they are one-sided, and not open to us sharing our own life stories.

See how that works? If we look close enough, we might see that we are projecting our own perceptions about how people “should” feel and act, onto others. The missing balance might be our own — we could feel empathy. Can’t we relate?

Perhaps, since we don’t feel entitled to those things, others shouldn’t either. No… when you own your truth, that kind of judgement can be put aside. Because you can allow for others to own their truth, too.

Besides, what’s to hide? Although I know your good news is not all there is to you, I love to see you so happy, fulfilled and appreciative.

You’re allowed to show all you can do, have all you can have, love all you can love.

And you have permission to reveal the gifts you are blessed with, to all of us.

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