See The World: Don’t Wait To Plan Your Dream Trip

You are hereby granted permission to

See The World

You don’t have to wait to plan the trips you dream of taking–even if you can’t take them yet, you can take the first steps toward getting there.

If you have ideas about where you’d like to travel someday, or if there is something or someone you’d like to see in person, do you ever envision what it will be like to be in that place or see that thing or that person?
Hopefully, you do. If you haven’t gotten that far yet, you can start. Because that vision is the first step to you making a plan to reach your goals.

Sure, there is dreaming of what you might do someday, if only. There is waiting till you have the time or the money or when the kids are older or when you retire.

This isn’t that. Because when you imagine getting to see more of the world, you have permission to turn what you envision, into a reality. Starting now.

A reality that you plan for, step-by-step, on the that path that will take you there. And include how you can enact each of the steps on that path until you are actually in the places you dream of being.

If you have ever heard of a vision board, this is like that. Give yourself a picture of the trip of your lifetime, beginning with what you can do today in order to take it.

You can see the world, starting with seeing all the points along the way to where you’re going.
You’re allowed to know you can go anywhere, and you’re already on your way. The world truly is your oyster and she surrounds you!

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