Say That Stinks: Complain When You Need To

You are hereby granted permission to

Say That Stinks

You can complain when you need to–there are times when things go wrong, you grieve or you suffer, and you don’t have to hold it in.

Most of us have been taught to keep a stiff upper lip. or that it is no use in complaining.
Well, that can be true. Falling apart when the going gets tough, or griping instead of doing something won’t do us much good.
Except if we need to express our anguish.

If you have experienced something tough, why shouldn’t we allow you to talk about it? It’s only going to cause more stress for you to restrain your worries and woes.
And so what if you need to express something negative. It’s not required that everything be seen in a positive light.
It might actually be healthier for you to get your complaints out of your system.

Because the fact is, things can and do go sour. Unwelcome events can bring you down. And circumstances can suck.

Cancer sucks.
It’s hard to move away, lose a friend, crash your car.
Taxes, bills piling up–blech.
Whether you miss your train or miss the past…you have permission to complain a bit.

Speak your truthHave regrets. It’s part of healing, learning and recovery.

When something stinks, you can say so, and maybe even get someone’s attention to help make things right.
Try to get that credit back on your account. Let someone know you’re feeling bad so they can make a difference for you.

You’re allowed speak up when you don’t like the way things are going. So you can move on.

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