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Relax Your Standards: Achieve a Little Less

You are hereby granted permission to

Relax Your Standards

You can achieve a little less–less than perfection or pristine, and less than best–in work, surroundings and behavior. And let others do the same.

What would happen if you were late on a delivery, forgot to call someone back, lost your temper or left dishes in the sink when guests came by?
It seems like a silly question, but answer it anyway. Because chances are you’ve held yourself, and others, to these standards of action.

Fine, I’ll tell you what would happen: a little something that is hardly worth mentioning.
Like, you’ll field a complaint or feel the need to apologize. It will not be the end of the world.

Certainly none of us thinks patterns of neglectful or sloppy actions are always acceptable. We all know it’s good to learn from our mistakes and have goals for our accomplishments. This isn’t any of that.

This is about knowing the difference between the best that can be done and the best you (or others) can do under the circumstances. And the most it makes sense to do, all things considered.

You already have permission to Take Your Time, Do It Later and Take A Break, remember?
Now it’s time to make sure you feel allowed to land where you do as a result.

EVERYONE is more than allowed (we are actually required) to set our own bars for our own actions. We pick–higher or lower. If you do lower or miss a bar, you can just pick up from there, and move on as far as you want, depending on your intentions.

Intend to rise to the top at work by being there every time they call?
Intend to be the best parent ever and never miss a moment with your kids?
Intend to stay youthful and healthy and manage your finances and be well-read and volunteer your time?

Intend to be Bill Gates or Mother Theresa or Heidi Klum or Oprah or Wayne Gretzky? ish?
If you will let yourself achieve a little less, you’ll learn what it feels like to live happy with (and as) who you are.

Here in Week 19 of our 52 Permission Slips series, you can experiment with relaxing your standards. It won’t prevent you from being amazing (if that’s what matters to you most) — but it will show you a new opening to loving life. Decide to free up your joy.

PLEASE calm down.The world does not need an uptight, sick or cranky version of you crushing it like a machine as you mask the secret depression of not feeling worthy.

No. The world needs you to cut us all a little slack. Because otherwise we’re on constant alert for the end of days every time we find dishes in the sink or lose track of time and show up late.

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