Put Health First: What Are You Waiting For?

You are hereby granted permission to

Put Health First

You can rearrange your priorities starting today to put health–inside and out–first on your list. No reason to wait until your health is in jeopardy, right?

There’s no need to be health-obsessed, either. Typically, we benefit when health and wellness take precedence over stressful and empty endeavors, yes. But unless you are seriously unhealthy, your wellness can easily flow into the usual landscape of your life. Your efforts can feel almost effortless.

For instance, do you take enough time for self-care each day? As much time, say, as you spend caring for your finances, or your pets, or your home? Do you place equal value on caring for your own heart, lungs, waistline, muscles, skin or digestion?

One simple measurement to gauge the value you place on something is to take an honest look at what you spend most of your time and money on. That inventory will reveal your priorities, not in theory or intention, but in practice.

How are you eating, what’s your activity level, have you quit smoking yet, or cut back on time spent at work or in the car? Permitting yourself to put health first doesn’t require a personal revolution, but it can prompt you to make tweaks that help prevent injury and disease. It might only mean you decide to get fresh air more often.

Or, maybe you’ll decide to have less stuff, or to go around a situation and enjoy the view. Because if you feel frazzled, drained, worried or afraid, you’re unlikely to have a good day. Or as Abraham Lincoln said, “Folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

You have permission to put the health of your body, mind and surroundings first. There’s no reason to wait, even if you’re young, or strong, or quite happy at this moment.

Even if other people are depending on you to care for them.
Especially if other people are depending on you to care for them.

You can briefly check in with your choices today (and every day) and then arrange them according to your new priority.

Because one day you might feel too sick, or tired, or sad, or hurt, to get started, and you’ll be glad you have your wellness lifestyle to count on when you need it most.

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photo by Seemann