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Pamper Yourself: Everyone Needs a Treat Now and Then

You are hereby granted permission to

Pamper Yourself

You can give yourself a little something extra that makes you feel special and blessed, because you are, and you deserve it.

Maybe it’s time off to  see a film–go for concessions, too. My fried likes to sprinkle Milk Duds in her popcorn.
Or what if you do “absolutely nothing” and watch some TV.

Read a book! Not a text book, not a self-help book. A book that feels like the escape you need once in a while.
Take time to have some fun. Not time to catch up on stuff, not time to work out or see the doctor. Time for pure enjoyment.

You can beautify, if that makes you happy. Dote on yourself. Smile in the mirror, get a massage, do your hair, splurge on your skin. Handsome and happy; that’s okay.

So, what is your pleasure? Perhaps it’s an ounce of the finest dark chocolate. Or espresso. Or Scotch whiskey. Whatever it is, you have permission to take care of you.

Not just the deep, emotional stuff that needs tending. And not just the day-to-day, logistical stuff you have to take care of.

You’re allowed to care of the shallow, superficial stuff. Indulge a little. Because everyone needs to treat now and then.

You can pamper yourself. You deserve it.

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photo by mariamas