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Own Your Truth: Stop Apologizing for Reality

You are hereby granted permission to

Own Your Truth

You can stop apologizing for your reality–the stuff that you have, the stuff that you do, and the stuff that you feel–and instead, just be true.

Being sorry about your choices creates a distance between the benefits of your experiences and the life you actually live. Owning your choices empowers them, on your behalf.

Although it might feel like you don’t want to own them, if you feel bad about their outcomes or worry about the possibilities.

When you are walking your own path (as we all have to do) you are bound to stumble here and there, take a few wrong turns, maybe even get lost for a while. Literally, that is life. Your path is how you got here, and how you will get anywhere else.

When you take a look at yourself along the way, don’t be sorry, just be true.

You have permission to admit you wish you did things differently and also to admit you wouldn’t change a thing. Acceptance is an essential ingredient when you want to love each day.

Because the truth is, there has never been a better life for you than the one you have.
Your reality is as it is right now, and you are where where your choices have led you.

This is your stuff. These are your feelings. You choose your actions. That is freedom.

You can stop apologizing for your reality and let go of regrets. It will free you up to connect with all that’s yours, and to experience the power of possibilities.

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