Material wealth is not a problem or a need.

Many of us are not fully or consciously aware of our deepest beliefs about money and things–what we’ll call material wealth.

It can be because we were taught a simple philosophy around working for what you get, so no need to get deep about it.

Or sometimes we aren’t taught much at all, so we just muddle along, trying out best to make ends meet. We scrimp and save.

Whatever keeps us connected to, or disconnected from, material wealth, one thing is for sure: we don’t need to judge it.

Sometimes we might get find ourselves stuck in “lack consciousness,” which is one way to view whatever is the opposite of “prosperity consciousness.”
Put simply, we might assume or be acutely (or subtly) aware of not having enough, versus having plenty.

“No one thinks about money more than the poor.”

That adage has always seemed quite likely to me. I have felt quite poor at various times in life, and in those times I was pretty much fixated on money. How confusing: some of our thoughts about money are negative (it’s hard to get) yet surely we idolize it a little too (it makes life so much easier.)

Not having enough is an unpleasant way to live. Often unhealthy. Having plenty brings with it feelings of comfort, security, and satisfaction. The truth is, unless you live in poverty inadequately sheltered and under-fed, you can simply commit to accepting the idea that you have plenty.

It’s not an external measurement, really. It’s a thought. A decision. $100 dollars or a milliion is plenty, just as a warm blanket, soft pillow and a bowl of soup is plenty.

You think or decide how you feel about the material wealth you have (even if you pay no attention to it at all).
If you appreciate it, enjoy it, feel deserving of it, and use it for good… well, that must bring with it some fantastic results, right?

It can be such a conflict, to strive to evolve and improve in a non-material way (like to calm down, free up, and live happy) when you are also striving to do better with money, attract more abundance, or even justify your good fortune and nice things by comparison.

So, that right there is quite likely the first key–make no comparison. No judgement–of self or others. Simple enjoy and care for what you have at the highest level you feel it deserves.
And be honest about anything you have that takes away from your ability to feel good about owning it; good about yourself.

You don’t want to harbor thoughts that diminish or things that detract. That’s literally turning plenty into less. Interestingly, sharing what you have literally turns it into more, for more people or purpose.

Technically, money is entirely neutral. So is a thing that it buys. Neither good nor bad. Money and things are inanimate. Material wealth is not a need then, nor is it a problem. It is what we do with material wealth, or experience because of it, that gives it any value at all.

And surely we are best off when we value what we experience, and what we do. So let’s not judge. We already can make good money. You can believe that is plenty.

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