Make New Friends: Put Yourself Out There

You are hereby granted permission to

Make New Friends

You can find new chances to put yourself out there and be social, to honor your need for social support and close connections.

Many of us had an easier time making friends when we were children. Actually, it’s a sociological fact: when you’re younger you tend to spend more time with people your age, in similar situations as you, and that creates a natural opportunity.
But the city bus isn’t like the school bus in your home town.

Maybe you’ve reached a station in life where many of your old friends have married or had children and you’re still single. Or vice versa. The friendship changes from sharing good times to having good memories.
Maybe you’ve moved away, or friends have moved away,
Or maybe you’ve hit the big time, or friends have.

Sometimes it seems like it’s just too hard to make the effort or find the time to nurture new friendships. You have to get home to feed the cat and walk the dog after you plan your next vacation and visit your mom.

If you’re a busy extrovert with enough lunch dates and happy hours to meet your needs and fill your calendar with good times, you might not need new permissions about friends.

But otherwise, here’s permission to reach out, clear a little time, expand our circles and make more memories with different people.

You can make new friends with some of your neighbors or work peers or second cousins or class mates. You’re allowed to open up to the possibilities new people bring to your life. And the smiles.

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