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Make Mistakes: Move On From What Went Wrong

You are hereby granted permission to

Make Mistakes

You can realize when you’ve done something the wrong way, regroup, and then move on from it neatly, without beating yourself up.

In hindsight, you can see when you don’t make the best choices. That’s one of the things hindsight is really good for–it’s easier to see your missteps after you’ve made them, right?

So, you, like the rest of us, don’t always perform perfectly, or execute according to plan.

You might try to step off track, or to start over, but still, it can be hard on you when you realize you say or do something “wrong.”

Maybe you hit send before spellchecking, or said yes to something when it should have been no.

You might forget to say Happy Birthday, or you might overreact and spout off without thinking.

Who hasn’t taken a wrong turn, or a series of them?
Who hasn’t left too late to get there on time, or given up too soon to know if it was worth it?

In our lifetime, there are so many simple mistakes to be made. As we hurry. As we are nearly always plugged in. As we experiment.

You have permission to try your best but not hit all the notes.
It’s okay when you realize what went wrong, and then make another plan.

You can make mistakes, regroup and move on. It’s¬†especially powerful if you always make new mistakes, It means you’re evolving.

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