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Make Money Good: Exchange It for Energy

You are hereby granted permission to

Make Money Good

Not only can you make good money, you can make money good, whatever good means to you–whether that’s honest, essential or spendy money.

So many good people get caught up in bad ideas about money. They believe it doesn’t come easily. They might not even realize it, but they believe on some level that the money they want isn’t in the stars for them.

Or they believe they don’t have enough money…and because they believe that, they’re right. They have to be. They’ve already decided for themselves that they are lacking.

Or they believe that money causes problems, is the root of problems. Or is it the love of money, or the want for money? (As if money, which is actually an inanimate object in the material world, could stir up trouble.)

Or they believe one of a hundred other bad things about money. Things that take a perfectly fine system of assigning a material value to a deliberate exchange, and cast it into a lousy light. And that makes it seems like money is the thing.

But money is not the thing.

And the thing money buys is not the thing, either. That is just the object of exchange. For instance, when people are hungry, what they really want is food, not money. You can’t eat money; and money does not equal nourishment.

What IS the thing, then, is the energy that we trade for money. The experiences that we value and are willing to give energy to, and seek energy from.

So…. plenty of experience? Plenty of money. Of little value? Worth little money. Good energy? Good money. Yes. You can make money good.

You’re allowed to make all the good money you want. Here in Week 13, and forever.

You not only have permission to believe that, but you must believe it, for it to be true.

And what of the poor? They need to believe they can make good money as much as anyone, don’t they? Yes. And we need to believe it too, so we will help them.

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 photo by Dee Golden