Make a Wish: Keep Your Dreams and Whimsy Alive

You are hereby granted permission to

Make a Wish

You can keep your dreams and whimsy alive with wishes about your deepest desires–even without exact plans or actions to take.

Though you know all about what it takes to get things done, you will also have ideas about things you can’t really do, or make happen, on your own.
What do you do when you have a vision that encompasses more than the tasks you are in charge of, or wish that goes beyond your personal goals?

You trust in fate. You rely on optimism. You send up a prayer. You have hope.

And all that is okay.

In fact, it’s more than okay. Having hope connects you with all the beautiful potential in this world. We need our wishes to remind us that life is an open book which is being written by all of us, day by day.

  • You have permission to wish for your loved ones to be safe, even though you can’t always protect them.
  • You have permission to wish for your children to be happy, even though you can’t control the choices they make.
  • You have permission to wish peace upon this world, to dream of meeting your true love, to believe you will make a difference in this life.

You can keep whimsy alive with thoughts of heavenly, fantastical things, even when you can’t create a checklist or an itinerary for getting there. Be aware of what inspires you. Then close your eyes and make a wish.

There. Isn’t that pleasant? Why not dwell in possibilities once in a while?

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photo credit: Marcelo Coimbra