Make a Start: Take the First Step However Small

You are hereby granted permission to

Make a Start

You can take the first step—however small it may be, however long you’re been waiting—right now.

Perhaps you’ve heard the famous adage about how a journey of 10,000 miles begins with a single step.
I love that theory because it does a perfect job reducing the size of a monumental effort down to something quite manageable that exists in the present moment.
You have a choice. That 1st step is available to you right now. And you can’t get to where you want to go without taking it.

And yet, we so often put off making the decision to begin. So what holds us back, then? Because not to decide is to decide.

Well, let’s admit this: there is no shortage of “reasons” we don’t move forward on something, even when our heart say we want it and our mind says we should do it.

First, we might be unsure. (So? You can still try things you are unsure about.)
Or, we might need to take a risk. (Ok. But how risky is taking just one step? Not so much.)
Also, we might have high standards. (Naturally. But you can relax them. You have that choice.)
But we might make a mistake. (ummm, your mistakes can become your masterpieces, remember?)

In the same way “the first cut is the deepest,” we can say “the first step is the hardest.” Because we’re stepping on a path into the unknown. What if it’s treacherous? What if it leads to the road to nowhere?

And most profoundly, what if this is a first step on a path that leads to the center of our dreams? What if we fail?

Honestly. Enough with the questions. They aren’t getting you anywhere.

You have permission to go around your inner critic and your inner cynic, and go for what you want.
Or what you suspect you want but you really won’t know till you get there.

Maybe it will be a very small step. It’s how revitalizing a city begins with cleaning up one park. Or writing a novel begins with writing the opening scene. Or how someone who wants to start a blog registers the domain name. Or someone who wants to travel the world books a weekend trip to the city.

You can make a start. And make another. And then another…

“Follow your dreams. They know the way.” –Kobi Yamada

It’s alright, you can do it.

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