love each day 52 permission slips

Love Each Day: Look for What You Enjoy

You are hereby granted permission to:

Love Each Day

You can live a typical life of ups and downs, hard work and challenges, and still find something every day to admire, have fun with, or treasure.

All of us have days that make it very difficult to figure out what we’re thankful for.
We wonder why it seems like such a struggle. Some events are so hard on us.

The fact is, human life comes with stressors. Because we think thoughts, we experience feelings–our reactions when bad things happen might range from grumpy to despair; disappointment to outrage.

With all that in mind, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to blame the day when things go wrong. Or, even if it feels right, it doesn’t help.

You’re allowed to feel all your feelings, even the negative ones, and still enjoy life.
You’re allowed to realize the best qualities of every day, and look for what you love.

All of us will be granted a finite amount of days. We don’t know how many we will get. We do know is that tomorrow is not guaranteed.
And in the life of someone we love, we cherish each of their days.

You can always enjoy moments by admiring the beauty they bring; by choosing fun instead of a fight.
It’s a treasure when you make time to love each day on your path.

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