Lighten Your Workload: Cut Back, Tackle Less

You are hereby granted permission to

Lighten Your Workload

You can cut back on the amount of work you take on and the number of tasks you tackle.

This permission to actually work less, or work less hard, comes as a surprise to so many of us. And here’s a special shout out to moms, entrepreneurs, working adult students and serial volunteers. You’re probably tired.

Or maybe, if you have enough drive and ambition, you’re fueled by the thrill of accomplishing great things, and you won’t stop until you do. So, no matter if you’re tired. You love it. Your workload is your lifeblood.

This isn’t about that. It’s not about passion and it’s not about loving your work. It’s about giving up the notion that everything is up to you. That everyone depends on you to get more done, give your all, go beyond and achieve success.

Is that really true? Or is that just you? Surely if you support a family or are a caretaker for others, there’s some truth to that. But you should know, it’s not required. People with lighter workloads than you are doing a beautiful job caring for their families and others. So often, it’s about your standards.

If you own a business, run a non-profit or are trying to better your life on many levels, yes, we know that takes work. If you feel whole, fulfilled and at peace with your choices and the pace of your lifestyle, you might not feel the need for this permission.

When it’s about changing the world, we might feel it’s up to us to do the work that will make the difference. Somehow, what we do must matter, and what we do for the good of others matters even more. But because we all have our gifts and our challenges, our abilities and fragilities, it turns out that doing more doesn’t mean you matter more.

You’re allowed to find the right level of output, for your values and your circumstances. You have permission to lighten your workload, by choice, guided by your own calling. We don’t need to know how much you can bear at all costs.

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Photo by Seemann