Even letting go is work.

A lot of us are trying to develop mindfulness: a way to be supremely aware of and present in the moment. To live in the now.

The reason that practice is so appealing probably has a lot to do with the stress caused by worry and the pain of regret.

We worry about the future because we are examining and preparing for possible outcomes of the events we’re facing now.

And we get stuck thinking about our past because we sense we’re now dealing with the negative results. It’s not easy to let go of real worries and regrets.

Should you really let it go?

It depends. There’s a chance you might want to work on changing things, or to work on on accepting things the way they are.
Sometimes it seems right to stick with something, see it through, or even to hold it closer and learn to love it.

It’s all going to be work.

Hopefully you’ve given yourself permission to change your mind.
Hopefully you’ve given yourself permission to have regrets.
And hopefully you’ve given yourself permission to be unsure.
All quite human. All okay.

Actually, better than okay, if you’re being mindful and staying in the present moment. Because in all these ways, you are honoring what is. Even when it’s not clear, or perfect, or the same as you imagined.

Whatever it is, you are allowed to decide what actions you want to take in response. And those actions make up the bulk of your living in the moment, versus worrying about what you will do or wondering if what you did was right.

So… do you have a situation that is bothering you?

When you decide not to change it, and find you can’t accept it, you are allowed to let it go. If you haven’t already remembered, letting go is work, too. Sometimes it’s the hardest work of all your choices.

But when you do need to let it go, it helps when you are supremely aware of the present moment, and living in the now.
Then you won’t worry about all the possible negative  consequences, or spend too much time dwelling on your regrets.