have nice things 52 permission slips

Have Nice Things: Welcome Quality In Life

You are hereby granted permission to

Have Nice Things

You can welcome quality in your life–appreciate the items you love, and take pride in that ownership–without one bit of guilty feeling.

So many of us are on a path of simplification, paring down, and cutting back.
It’s freeing to give up the quest for acquisition and settle into satisfaction.

But realizing we can get by with less (property, activity, business, friends) doesn’t mean we have to feel bad when we strive for more, or better.

If you practice (or long for) minimalism in your life, you might be evolving out of excess into a new (or old?) definition of success: succeeding on your own terms, being a good citizen of the earth, devoting your time to causes or community, not just material gain or social status. Still:

You have permission to allow for fine quality in your life: and that includes purchases of material goods, receiving of gifts, property ownership and even experiences. Nice meals at 5-star restaurants or luxury days of massage and steam… whatever it is that you’ve desired and then acquired.

Because you haven’t taken a vow of poverty, and you don’t need to feel bad about admitting that sometimes, awesome stuff sounds/looks/feels/IS awesome. Or delicious. Or immensely useful. You’re allowed to enjoy it.

Great shoes or suits feel great and you feel great in them.
Nice bags can last a lifetime.
A good car with first rate tires and a smooth humming engine… that premium cup of coffee… the latest technology that will make your life and work so much easier… your grandmother’s heirloom necklace.

You can have nice things, and still be a wonderful human and simple soul, in this material world. Just in case you didn’t know that on some level (meditate a little; see if it’s an issue).

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