Have Huge Hopes: You’re Free to Get Excited

You are hereby granted permission to

Have Huge Hopes

You can allow yourself to get as excited as you want—without forcing yourself to hold back on your enthusiasm.

Ever been really excited about something? A job interview, a new home, a wedding or a pregnancy, starting school, an important invitation to a big event…
we each have our own list of stuff that gets us all pumped up.

And then there’s the next logical question: ever had the thing you were really excited about fall through or fall flat…
and you can hardly believe you let yourself get all pumped up over it in the first place?

Who hasn’t hoped for something that never came to be, or that turned out to be something disappointing—even painful–instead of the dream?

After that, maybe the voice in your head says, “It’s your fault for getting so excited. You’re overly hopeful and it leads to disappointment.”

Well, no. Even though your head thinks it’s protecting your heart, that conclusion is actually wrong. You have permission to hope like crazy. To make a wish. To expect the best. And to get your way.

But…but…what if you don’t get your way? Will you feel hurt or angry about it? Will that erase your feelings of hope?

What Your Heart Knows

It’s good to remember that you decide how you feel about what you want, what you value. We don’t own the way things turn out; we only own our desires, our plans about what we want, and what we do about it.

Since we can’t know, or even control, the future, having huge hopes simply means we’re big on what we want.
It’s good to know what you want. And to feel positive about how you act on that.

When you see your desires, you can follow them like a map. They take you to one of two places—your heart or your mind. Experience shows that sometimes your mind gets it wrong.

Your mind thinks you should want certain things based on its shallow decision- making processes. It just doesn’t have all the information it would need to know the best outcome. To know what is the highest good for all concerned.
Often, it can’t recognize grace, when it’s disguised as something you thought you wanted that didn’t happen.

But your heart knows. I love how the Sufis believe that at the root of our human desires is the desire of creation.
You’re meant to want whatever it is that you need, in order to do the things you’re supposed to do when you’re here.

If you worry about have high hopes now because you’ll feel sorely disappointed later, well, you’re allowed not to worry. Free your mind. Don’t believe in the demise of your heart’s true desire.
And if it doesn’t work out the way you wanted, don’t assume it didn’t turn out right. Feel the present moment. Huge excitement.

Because you’re not done doing stuff that gets you all pumped up.

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photo by aophotos