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Go Barefoot: Even If Your Feet Get Dirty

You are hereby granted permission to

Go Barefoot

You can let your feet get green from the grass, dirty from the ground, and tanned from the sun–like your ancestors, your shoeless feet can connect with the earth.

This connection can take place inside your home, out in your yard, strolling through a field or on a dance floor. You don’t need to wait till you’re near water or on the edge of your bed to kick off your shoes.

If you have a job that requires you to wear shoes all day, you’ve probably experienced the joy of sneaking your shoes off underneath your desk or on your commute home, for a little break. That should give you a hint.

Most of the time you don’t really want to wear them.

Of course you desire to lose the shoes. Few things are less natural than binding your foot inside pre-shaped vessel that places pressure on the bones, muscle and skin of your poor little feet. Like a suit of armor, where it gets no air and is confined the wearer in its own moisture.

It makes sense that at some point in our human history, as wandering nomads covering the vast terrain of the wilderness in every climate, we got an idea about tying some bark and leaves together to protect our feet from cuts and frostbite. We eventually evolved into wearing animal hide.

Yes, there’s a reason we’d rather you didn’t come into restaurants or public buildings without your shoes on–we don’t know where you’ve been or what little buggers you might be tracking in between your toes. Yes, there’s a reason ballerinas wear pointe shoes and construction crews wear steel-toed boots.

This isn’t any of that.

This is about you releasing yourself from the ties that bind your feet, so they can work how they were made to, carrying you around upright, sensing the land, moving you with balance and grace.

You have permission to set aside modern fashion and random rationale (everyone used to wear gloves all the time, too) and carry yourself on your feet whenever possible. If you think they’re getting too dirty, there is always the honorable tradition of washing them.

You’re allowed to go barefoot…and once you do, you can blame us if you discover you’d rather stay that way.

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