Go Around

Go Around: Be Willing to Rise Above

You are hereby granted permission to

Go Around

You can rise above the noise–inside your head and out in the world–if you’re willing to divert from your straight line and elevate your perspective.

The amount of advice we receive (and seek out?), along with the amount of second-guessing we might do (about taking the advice or not) can be a lot like attractions at the amusement park.

  • It looks like fun but are the long lines worth it?
  • It would give us a thrill but how much does it cost?
  • We want to see what that’s like but is it safe?
  • If only it wasn’t so crowded…or big…or loud–is it always like this?

It’s doesn’t make much sense if you think about it that way–a carnival is not meant to be an experience you accomplish in a straight line with a specific plan to reach targeted outcomes.

Business can be like that. Education can be like that. A project plan can be like that too–but ugh. The sweet or inspiring parts of life don’t come from step-by-step. The thrills don’t come from getting done. Unless you need relief, the best part of the park is not at the exit.

If you let yourself develop a mindset where you’re permitted to get in line, have some fun, and let go of your fears, you can avoid getting bogged down thinking about what might be wrong.
It’s the mindset where you take your time, where it’s okay to be unsure, where you realize, if you are willing to change your mind, it might change your life.

You can rise above the suspicions or self-talk that holds you back and take a simple ride…up…to lift your sights and look at the big, beautiful picture. Let yourself feel the joy of weightlessness and the giddy excitement that comes from being free of all those doubts about the future.

You’re allowed to go around with your questions and answers a few times. See where the wheel takes you. Because you can’t have the benefits of a new perspective unless you’re willing to see what you find.

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