Get Your Way: Advocate For What You Believe In

You are hereby granted permission to

Get Your Way

You can say your peace, be determined, and advocate for what you believe in. You don’t always have to be the one that concedes.

So much of the wisest perspective comes from people of peace, or thought leaders who challenge us to calm down. In my way, I am one of them. And yet, that shouldn’t mean we are so unattached to outcomes that we never have any fight in us on the side of right, or for our own benefit.

Is it wrong to have a strong opinion or to believe wholeheartedly in a plan or a path?
If we’re supposed to banish all desires, what about when what we desire is for the good of many?

Judgments, self-centeredness, wanting things to be different than what they are…these are human traits that cause us suffering. But that’s if we don’t accept what we’re working with. Things are the way they are, yes.

But they can certainly change.

Sacrifice might be involved, persistence and effort too, but you can be a good person and still get your way.

In fact, your way might very well be the best way, and we all might be better off if we follow you on your higher road, or you path to freedom, or your journey to useful knowledge

You have permission to have vision…to make a wish and to make good money. To attempt hard things. You are welcome to have passion, even dogged determination, regarding your areas of specialty and concern.

You’re allowed to stand strong against injustice, speak your mind about what great results are possible, and demonstrate where improvements can be made.

Before you, many honorable people, kind people, and great people, have insisted on getting their way. Because of that, animal cruelty is against the law, women can vote, guilty people have been caught and innocent people set free, and great art and invention have been made possible.

You can get your way. You have good ideas that are worthy of sharing and needs that are worthy of meeting. You can win some!

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photo by Vera Kratochvil