Get Involved: You Can Make It Your Business

You are hereby granted permission to

Get Involved

You can “make it your business” when something affects your reality, or when you know you can be a valuable asset.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard (or been told) “don’t get involved.” It’s become a pet peeve of mine, because… well, why not? I guess I don’t agree with a social rule that is based being uninvolved.

How about you? Are you (like me) the type to want to help, to join a team, or be a catalyst? Because all of these traits require involvement.

Now, I don’t want to get involved in anything shady, or put myself in harm’s way for no good reason. But there are plenty of good reasons to get involved.

Not to push our way into a situation, be nosy or gossip or be martyrs. Instead it’s to reach out people who need help. People who need people. (had to do it)

Sometimes they might not ask for it, they might not feel confident enough, so they might suffer in silence. Or, they might not know that you actually could help them, and that you’d like to get involved.

So go ahead.

You’re allowed to lend a hand, or a few bucks; offer a shoulder or a ride. There are situations that can benefit from your touch. You have gifts to use and they’re not all meant to be kept to yourself.

We are too often told “there’s nothing you can do,” but that is hardly ever true.
There’s almost always something we can do, if we want to.

You have permission to step in and speak up, be a good Samaritan, or a good neighbor, or a new friend.

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