Get Fresh Air: Breathe In All The Good Right Now

You are hereby granted permission to

Get Fresh Air

You can stop working, stop browsing, stop sitting inside entertaining yourself, and get your body and mind outside for a breath of fresh air.

This breath of fresh air can be had in almost any weather for any amount of time.
It can be for a 10 minute desk break while at work in the city.
It can be for an hour to spruce up your yard or play with your kids.
It can be for an afternoon of nature trails to avoid your utter burnout.

Even if you have to bundle up against the wind, or bring out an umbrella and golashes, or wear sunscreen and a floppy hat…well, go ahead! Allow yourself to escape the monotony of your office space or the drudgery of housecleaning or the frustration of writer’s block.

In fact, you have permission to do more than simply allow yourself to get fresh air, you can insist on it.

Such a basic, welcome step for prioritizing your physical health and peace of mind. You might otherwise be breathing in the same old dusty air, operating with the same confines, until you urge yourself to get up from what you’re doing, and get out.

You can keep it simple, do it now and every day, and feel the benefits immediately—oxygen for your brain and muscles, and a cleansing for your lungs and skin, and clarity for your train of thought.

You’re allowed to renew your life force by connecting with the air out there. Let’s go!

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