get dirty 52 Permission Slips

Get Dirty: Dig In, Let Loose & Go Play

You are hereby granted permission to

Get Dirty

You can dig in, get dirt on your hands and grass on your feet–get out of your good clothes, let loose, and go outside and play. Hard.

This kind of playful mess can be childlike (jump in puddles and build sandcastles!), rebellious (mud runs and dunk tanks!) or just plain fun (egg toss and snowball fight and pumpkin patch and football and face painting!)
It can be to make a child happy or to remember your roots or for no reason at all.

If you have been buttoned-up and smelling good most of the days of your life, you might have forgotten to give yourself permission to perspire. To forget about appearances. To step out of your responsible adult in the most harmless way possible….

To romp.

To run, jump, be grungy, get wet, explore, and more.

Join in a game or go conquer a trail. You’re allowed to have fun with it.

There’s nothing more natural than nature, be it human nature and the joy of relationships or Mother Nature and the joy of the great outdoors. Few things can replace the mental and physical benefits of fresh air, a good sweat, a warm sky or a cool breeze.

You have permission to get dirty. Be adventurous! We’ll just call you “earthy.”

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