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Feel Insecure: Learn to Love Your Humanness

You are hereby granted permission to

Feel Insecure

You can learn to love your humanness–the frailties, vulnerability, and weak links in your mind and actions–as the thing that connects you to all.

How wonderful does it feel, when you are connected to who you are with, the environment you’re in, what you are working on, strangers that you meet, your body, your dreams? For most of us, it feels joyous.

Is there anything better than feeling sheer joy? Probably not. At least, not for us humans.

We might say what about feeling peace, or love? but the end result of most positive feelings is still some sort of joy.

So, if the joy of connection–of aligning with our purpose, place and role–is something we value, then it’s very good news that we have permission to feel insecure. Because when we feel aware of our flaws, or instability, or fears, we tend to seek self-improvement, stable ground, and relief from fear. More joy, please.

We get all that from when we feel connected.

If we don’t ever feel insecure, we are either living beyond the human realm in touch with Nirvana and our ultimate perfection, orrrr…. we are probably unaware, or in denial. Either way, for better or worse, we would not feel connected then.

When you feel insecure about what you see in yourself, you’re allowed to let your guard down, be vulnerable, reach out. Whatever works for you in your sweet humble view of yourself.

That makes you so much like the rest of us. Hooray! And when we’re all in this together, everything (and everyone) gets better.

We can tap into our highest qualities, like humility and “not-coveting” our neighbor’s goods (or wife…or donkey?), when we let ourselves feel insecure. We can give ourselves, and everyone else who is likely to be insecure about their own stuff in their own ways, the benefit of the doubt.

The doubt that comes with our humanness.

You can develop compassion, for yourself and others, with your humble view of yourself. We’re here for you. You can come to us.

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