Expect the Best: Assume the Highest Good

You are hereby granted permission to

Expect the Best

You can take your assumptions and beliefs to the top of the world, where the highest good for you and all concerned awaits.

First, a question for you: Where does your point of view come from, and what perspective does it offer you?

And an even more important one: Since you can choose the vantage point from which you look at everything in life–you can look down on it, see it up close, look up to it or keep it out of your sight–why not select the best view?

You’re allowed to look for the best place to live, to work at the best job for you, to love the best people and choose the best experiences.

In fact, it hardly makes sense for you to expect anything less, if you think about it. Why would we deliberately expect a hard time or a bad day or a terrible outcome?

It could be said “we expect less so we won’t be disappointed with what we get” but then we would be assuming disappointment. Let’s not.

It could be said, “we have no expectations, we just deal with whatever comes” but then we would not be making a choice about our beliefs, or accepting our desires.

You’re allowed to wish. To want. To need something beautiful.
You can expect the best, assume the highest good for all concerned, and believe it when you see it.

Because it’s your life you are choosing, every day.
We all thank you for choosing wisely.

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photo: JasonGillman