Eat Good Food: Enjoy Nature’s Bounty

You are hereby granted permission to

    Eat Good Food

You can enjoy nature’s bounty, which is provided by the earth for our nourishment and pleasure. And be thankful for that.
While many regions struggle to get enough quality food to the population, most of us sharing these Permission Slips are well-fed.

And when we’re not, it’s because of the choices we’re making—for most of us it’s not too difficult to eat the appropriate amount and variety of food to maintain our health and fitness. Maybe we don’t always do it, but we are able to.

This is not about overeating, being too thin, junk foods or luxury foods. Not about a dietary plan, the history of food, farmers or hunters, bakers or chefs.

This is about the goodness of what we eat. Let’s appreciate that.*

When good food is available to you, and when you are hungry for it, you’re not only allowed to eat it, but to enjoy it.

You’re allowed to select your spot in the food chain that strengthens the circle of life, and live within it.

Your doctor, dietician or spiritual advisor may have recommendations for you. Fine.
You can still savor what you to eat, whether it be the colors and crunch of plant foods, the satisfying energy of wholesome meats or the hearty earthiness of grains.

You even have permission to eat a sweet treat. Or an order of fries.

And still love your body. And still put health first.
You allowed to sit down to a lovely meal, break bread and spread butter and pour wine.
Please remember to share and say thank you for good food is a true blessing.

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Originally written at Thanksgiving; applies all year long.