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Do What Works: Use the Approach that Feels Right

You are hereby granted permission to

Do What Works

You can use the approach that feels right–the one you like and the one that suits you–instead of doing what “they” say.

Have you ever wondered, when you hear “you know what they always say…” who THEY are?

They say you should eat this, not that. Go there, stay here. Work like this, live like that.

Walk this way.
Be all that you can be.
Own a piece of the rock, fly the friendly skies, just do it.

Well, they might be on to something, but then again, they might not know what they are talking about, when it comes to what you should do, right?

They might be more about what works for them, or has worked for others, or what they think will work better.
All well-intentioned enough, but it doesn’t mean they know enough to tell you what will work for you.

After all, drinking beer and eating peanuts works for some, but not for others.
Going to college or getting married doesn’t work the same way for us all.
Living on the water, in the country, in the city…or living alone–it all works for someone.

And even if we all were to do the same thing, live in the same place, work at the same job, we know we wouldn’t all be living the same life, feeling the same way, or getting the same results.

So, when you don’t quite know what to do, the best answer is usually to try something for yourself and see how it goes. If it works, maybe do it again.

You can put aside what they say, unless it seems like they know something you don’t, about what you want to accomplish. And even in that case, if it doesn’t work, you’re allowed to start over or go around.

Or whatever works for you.

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