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Do it Later: Save Your Undone To-Dos

You are hereby granted permission to

Do it Later

You can save your undone to-dos–the tasks and “shoulds” that add clutter and weight to your lists (and your psyche)–for another time.

This other time can be a deliberate choice based on what feels right and what you want. It doesn’t have to be next week or even next month.
It can be “after the baby” or “when I’m out of debt” or even, “in retirement.”

If you have a to-do list that fills your daily grind, even when you work to clear a path and create a realistic schedule, you might find yourself with too little time for what is most important to you. This isn’t that.

This is about stepping away from the to-dos you never truly do, for perspective.

You have permission to admit you feel compelled to, or think it’s right to,or even wish you could do, a thing or two more…

But then you don’t. You know…

Organize the photos much? Learn French cuisine? Invest in dotcoms? oops… Hey, it’s okay.
Remember, waiting can be worth it, too.

You can do it later, to make room for your most valuable priorities at this time.
You’re allowed to save some goals for when you can give them more worthy attention.

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