52 permission slips clear a path

Clear a Path: Create a Doable, Enjoyable Schedule

You are hereby granted permission to:

Clear a Path

You can create a doable, enjoyable schedule for yourself–one that calls you forward step by step, not one that pushes you forward in a panic.With all the opportunities (and pressures) that are inevitably popping up around you, it’s no surprise if you feel like you’re not getting enough done. It’s easy to get stuck under a pile of to-dos, should-dos and the dreaded meant-to-do-but-I-didn’ts.

News flash: you’re too busy. Happily, you can change that. At your own pace.

Mostly, you need to make decisions that free up your time enough so you can “see the forest through the trees.”(Yep, that’s what that meant all along.) Clear a path.
It helps you be aware. Otherwise you tend to get lost. Or stuck. And when you’re lost or stuck, it’s hard to be calm and happy, like you want to be.

When you’re aware, on the path you cleared, it’s easier to avoid stepping in traps or walking in circles. You’re choosing your journey, and you can see where you’re going so it’s way easier getting there.

Yes, you CAN do that with your time. You’re allowed to create a doable, enjoyable schedule for yourself. Free up your time (and your focus) for what’s important.

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