change your mind 52 permission slips

Change Your Mind: Go with a New Perspective

You are hereby granted permission to

Change Your Mind

You can go with a new perspective–a different point of view, your present situation, your shifted opinions–and unstick from decisions of the past.

Your past contains a lot of information that is related to things you did or didn’t do, people you knew, places you went, stuff you were told.
You made decisions based on the way that it was. And the person you were.

If you have any bad feelings about your decisions or assumptions from the past, you might have regrets–which are normal, and can be dealt with. As long as you remember you aren’t stuck with those, you can keep moving forward.

When you deal with consequences that show up as a result of ideas or actions you had before, it can sting.

You have permission to get relief in the knowledge that you can change your mind based on your new perspective. If you don’t like how it’s going, you can make a new decision.

And your new decision can be based on all the additional experience you now have.
Your new way of thinking.
Your altered reality, according to how the story has unfolded.

“What happens is of little significance compared with the stories we tell ourselves about what happens.”  –Rabih Alameddine

You can change your mind, to allow for all you’ve learned, and for the natural ebbs and flows in your environment and the human condition.
You’re allowed to act as who you are today, and know your point of view isn’t likely (hopefully!) to stay the same for life.

Perspective is everything, And everyone always has one.

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