Change Your Look: Have Some Fun with Your Appearance

You are hereby granted permission to

Change Your Look

You can have some fun with your appearance—dress it up, change it up, free it up, or whatever you like. Your look is up to you.

Even if you must abide by a dress code most days, please realize your external parts (your hair, your skin, your clothes, etc.) are little more than extensions of how you feel about yourself and your place in this world.

Through your looks, you can adorn yourself (or not), make the impression you want (or don’t want) to make, even feel better (or worse) about yourself.

But your looks will never define you. At least, not the real you, at your core. And that’s the one that matters most.

Because if you’re a pixie at heart, you might want that haircut. If you admire your father, you might want to wear a uniform like he did. If you admire your mother, you might want her eyebrows.

And if at your core you are bent on success, you might want to dress for it. Or, what if you started dressing comfortably in your business attire, instead of all buttoned-up and sucked-in?

I know you might be restricted from exercising this permission in some places at some times. There is such a thing as no shoes, no shirt, no service. Institutions have rules for your appearance. Still, if you love your job but they don’t allow visible tattoos…you can get your tattoo somewhere that only shows on the beach. Or, take a stand and fight to get your way.

I know, even if you’re ready to change from an après-gym look to red carpet attire, maybe you really can’t afford it. Besides, the parent-teacher group tends to frown upon tuxedos and evening gowns at the meetings. But if you love your parent-teacher group and fancy clothes, too, you could design and accessorize yourself on a dime….or why not wear cuff links or an up-do any old time?

You have permission to try a new kind of tie (or go tieless), a new lipstick color (or none at all), or show off a new physique (check out those stairclimbing thighs, oh my!).

Because a new look can equal a new outlook.

You can work around the limits you’re facing in your life, and change your look for the fun of it. We know your Self is always in there—when it comes to being you, some parts are instrumental. The rest is just ornamental.

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