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Daily GIFT 52 permission slips

An Easy 5 Minutes That Will Make Your Day Better

The Daily GIFT

It takes less than five minutes to do my super-simple journaling exercise that creates focus, energy, peace and pleasure in each day. (What more could I want, right?) This is the gift I give to myself each morning.

Since I started, I feel more committed, loving and capable than I ever have. My lists are shorter (a miracle for me!) and I’m choosing more meaningful activities.

It may not be a miracle fix for complete productivity or utter joy, but these couple of minutes of reflection have definitely brought more happiness and purpose to the forefront of my life. And it’s getting better, the more regular I become.

All you need is a little notebook and pen, and a few minutes to yourself. Continue reading


The difference between problems and complaints.

At the time of this writing (a few days after the U.S. presidential election), ideas are clashing, emotions are intensifying and fears about tomorrow are being treated as if they are inevitable, as if this will be the worst of times.

So many hurt and angry people, people not communicating. As usual, our country has problems. And we’re a country that tends to publicize them.

I’ve been struck by the old proverb that says problems are opportunities dressed in work clothes. Continue reading