Be Yourself: Live Your Authentic Life

You are hereby granted permission to

Be Yourself

You can honor what makes you, you–face the mirror without comparisons to what you imagine you should be–because that is how you will live with authenticity.

Your authentic life is not likely to be a perfect one, or supposed to be an average one. Because it’s authentic, it is quite simply reality you live in.

But it can’t be your reality, unless you live it as yourself…not a version of yourself that “once was” or will be “someday.”

If you have aspirations, and think you can grow your experience to be more or better or whatever improved existence you are working toward, that’s fantastic. Show your stuff. But if you’re not feeling convinced or connected to your choices in each day, it’s time to take a peek at who is making them for you.

Do you see yourself for who you are? (Yes, in all your glory, and also warts and all?)

You have permission to calm your worries and just BE the various facets of yourself you were born with. Also those facets you have developed, and those that you are still working on.

That might be a lot of facets. Maybe you’re not very simple.

That’s right. Maybe you are multi-faceted, like most people. And yet, your facets are what makes you different than everyone else. So who else would we want to be dealing with…you know?

If you repackage yourself, or dumb yourself down, or pretend to be something you’re not, well, that’s pretty unfair to us.
When you’re authentic, you show that you trust us, and respect that we can decide for ourselves if we are ripe for connecting.

You can be yourself, allowing all your relationships and experiences to evolve from a natural place, and to include the real you.

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 photo by: leslieaugust