Be Lazy: Do Nothing of Importance

You are hereby granted permission to

Be Lazy

You can put away your lists, make no plans, empty your mind, and do nothing of importance, like a tired child. Or a cat.

Think about children for a moment—they’re running and talking and learning almost constantly. When they take a break for a nap or a cuddle, we don’t think of them as lazy, right?

In the same way, if you ever observe a cat, even a ferocious big cat in the wild, you see a lot of lazing around the water hole and kittens sleeping in a patch of sun.
That’s because cats, and kids, follow nature’s course. They’re active when they feel the urge.

They rest when they’re done.

And that’s all there is to it.

We think adults who aren’t doing much of anything must be ill, or old or uninspired. That’s not only untrue, it’s unfair!

If you never do anything, or you always do less than is required, well then, that’s different. There are times when you have to give it your all and then some: finishing a race, delivering a baby, climbing a mountain, winning an award.

But what about for the of the time? Must you be an overachiever in hyperdrive as a rule? Of course not.
Do you ever get tired and overwhelmed? Probably. Maybe because you don’t realize you have permission to be lazy.

If you don’t let yourself crash, but instead are inspired to rlax, you might already know you’re allowed to be lazy once in a while. They make hammocks and recliners for a reason. Hot tea and lush music and house slippers and movie marathons, too.

It’s all so you can do nothing of real importance, and rest assured that it IS real important. And it’s also nature’s way.

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